Welcome to The [Holistic] Fox Creative.

Here you will find personal thoughts and experiences regarding a wide array of creative topics, ranging from crafting projects to entertainment reviews.

I’m Lisa, also known across the web as Holistic Fox. As an artistic type, I find value as well as creative opportunity in a variety of methods and circumstances. My artist toolkit is an experimental and fluid mix of digital and tactile components. My mind is ever turning with ideas and possibilities inspired by the world around me and through the shared experiences of other creatives. So, what I share here is a highlighted view of both the beauty and bizarre that I’ve found appreciation for in my creative adventuring.

You may find me discussing topics having to do with gardening, journaling, drawing, crochet, written word, photography, software based creations, and more. Since I also very much enjoy movies, music, and non-fiction literature, you may expect to find such things as these inspiring my thought recordings as well. If it’s a part of the creative arts world, I’m interested. If you feel the same way, I ask you to follow me (see link) and take part in these adventures.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you along the way.

Be sure to connect with me on Pinterest, Instagram, EyeEm, Twitter, and Google.

Be well my friends!

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[Holistic] Fox Creative

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